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A trusted reliable resource for your industrial automation requirements. Experts in Thermal Management and Motor Control.

Manufacturers’ Representative of Quality Products from the Following Companies:

Ethernet switches, industrial wireless devices, Ethernet media converters, and serial communication devices. Antaira products support industry standards and perform efficiently in rugged environments OH, KY, IN, WPA, WV

INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC HEATERS & ELEMENTS: Tubular and Finned Tubular Elements. Immersion Heaters. Process Air Heaters: Open Coil; Finned Tubular; and Tubular. Industrial Unit Heaters. Circulation Heaters.
HVAC / SPACE HEATING EQUIPMENT: Duct Heaters: Open Coil & Finned Tubular. Architectural & Commercial Comfort
Heating. Baseboard Heaters. Explosion-proof Duct, Unit, and Convection Heaters. Triad Wash Down and
Corrosion Resistant Unit Heaters.
HEAT TRACE. CRG Roofs and Gutters. LSR 150F Maintain. MSR 250F Maintain. HSR 375F Maintain. Mineral Insulated Cable 900F Maintained. | OH, KY, IN, WPA, WV, MI

ATTABOX Polycarbonate Enclosures: NEMA 3R,4,4X,12,Type 6P (Opaque only) IP 68. Available with Clear and Opaque covers. Certified Protection for Extreme environments: UL 1741 Compliant ,UL 508A Listed,UL50E Listed. Available in all sizes :6x6x4-24x24x10. Custom Enclosure Modifications and Fabrication to suit your needs.
attabox.comOH, KY, IN WPA, WV

SCR POWER CONTROLLERS. 1-PH or 3-PH Control. Zero Voltage Switched. Phase Angle Fired. On/Off Control.Transformer Primary Controlled. Multi-Zone. 5 YEAR WARRANTY.
www.avatarinstruments.comOH, KY, IN

TERMINAL BLOCKS. Distribution blocks. Connectors. Marking System and Labels. Tools. Instant Splice Connectors.
www.te.comOH, KY, IN, WPA, WV, MI

AC VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES. Hitachi Manufacturers a Complete Family of AC VFDs up to 500 HP. Hitachi’s Regenerative Converter Unit (RCU) is used to reclaim braking energy back into the line. Free Programming Software., KY, IN, WPA, WV

INDUSTRIAL CONTROL TRANSFORMERS. Low Voltage Encapsulated dry type indoor and outdoor. Buck-Boost transformers. Custom OEM Transformers. Din Rail Power Supplies. IP67 Power Supplies. Line Reactors. OH, KY, IN, WPA, WV

Line/Load Reactors. Harmonic Filters. Motor Protection Filters. EMI-RFI Filters. dV/dt Filters & Sine Wave Filters. Custom Transformers. Link Chokes.
www.mtecorp.comOH, KY, IN, WPA, WV, WNY

THERMAL MANAGEMENT of ELECTRICAL ENCLOSURES. FilterFans. Air Conditioners. Air/Water Heat Exchangers.
Chillers. Heaters. Thermostats. Visual and Audible Alarms. Stack Lights.
www.pfannenbergusa.comOH, KY, IN, WPA, WV

Neutral Grounding Resistors. High and Low Resistance Grounding. Solutions for equipment, personnel protection, reduces Arc Flash. Founded in 1892, PGR can design resistors to suit your application or draw from our extensive archive of products to provide you with the exact replacement resistor.
www.postglover.comOH, KY, S IN

PR Electronics Designs and Produces Signal Conditioning Devices for the process industry including Temperature Transmitters, I.S. Interfaces, Panel Displays, Signal Converters, Signal Conditioners and Splitters. PR Electronics is driven by engineers committed to delivering innovative, leading-edge process instrumentation products utilizing patented technologies. All products have a 5 year warranty.
www.prelectronics.comOH, KY, IN, WPA, WV, MI

MANUFACTURER of ELECTRICAL ENCLOSURES. Customized and Standard Enclosures for Integrators and Industrial OEM Applications. Listings Include Nema 1; 12; 13; 3R; 4; 4X; UL50; CUL50. Carbon Steel. 304 & 316 Stainless Steel. Aluminum. Standard RAL 7035 Texture Polyester Powder Coat Finish. Re-coatable ANSI 61 Gray. Custom Colors. Custom Modifications of Sizes, Holes, Cutouts, Shapes, etc.
www.electrical-enclosures.comOH, KY, IN, WPA, WV, MI

Solar Products: F-Series Infrared Panel Heaters with Quartz Surface. G-Series Infrared Panel Heaters with Glass Surface. M-Series Infrared Panel Heaters with Metal Surface. Q-Series Infrared Panel Heaters with High Purity Quartz Surface to reach 1750F surface temp. V-Series Infrared Panel Heaters with Open Surface to reach 2100F surface temp. | OH, KY, IN, WPA, WV, MI

MEDIUM VOLTAGE STARTERS. Solcon offers solid state soft start solutions for medium voltage up to 3000A. Additional offerings include Motor Protection Relays, SCR Power Controls and DC Injection Brakes.
www.solconllc.comOH, KY, IN, WPA, WV, MI

INDUSTRIAL CONTROL PRODUCTS. Open and Reversing Contactors. Overload Relays. Starters. Control and Timing Relays. DP Contactors. DIN Rail Mount Fuse Holders. Disconnect Switches. Explosion-Proof Controls. Lighting Contactors. Manual Motor Starters. Mini Circuit Breakers (UL 489 & 1077). Pilot Devices. Rotary Cam Switches. Soft Starters. Terminal Blocks. Tower Lights (Full Line of Auer).
www.sprecherschuh.comOH, KY, IN, WPA, WV, MI

FLEXIBLE WIRE AND CABLE SERVING THE AUTOMATION and INDUSTRIAL MARKETS.To include, but not limited to VFD Cable. Servo Motor Cable. MTW Single Conductor Wire. Silicone Higher Temperature Wire. Tray Rated Mulit-Conductor Cable.
www.tekima.comOH, IN, KY, WPA, WV

PLC and OPERATOR INTERFACE in one unit. UniStream PLC without Operator Interface. Color Touchscreens. On Board and Remote I/O. Featuring the Vision PLC, UniStream PLC, and Motion Control: AC Servo Drives and Servo Motors. Free Programming Software.
www.unitronicsplc.comOH, KY, WPA, WV